Person Specification

Experience and Knowledge

Significant and broad-based leadership experience in a similar complex and political organisation with evidence of taking on responsibilities outside of current role remit.

Proven track record of significant achievement in delivering excellent services.

Significant experience building and maintaining political consensus.

A proven track record of exploiting new commercial opportunities and winning commitment from cross-organisational stakeholders.

Successful track record of building a strong corporate reputation.

Experience of successfully leading change programmes.

Experience of budgetary responsibilities including the successful and cost effective management of large and complex budgets and capital / asset management programmes.

Experience of leveraging partnership solutions in support of common goals, leading to shared resources and reduced overhead costs.

Proven visible and inspirational leadership, resulting in building motivation, capturing and harnessing positive energy, thereby mobilising and enhancing resources to deliver effectively on the ground.

A track record of working to manage conflicting national and local priorities, building consensus and establishing common threads of agreement.

A track record of maintaining morale and positive staff engagement levels in order to maintain productivity.

Experience of reputation management with demonstrable experience of protecting and minimising reputation damage in the face of controversial decision making that divides key stakeholders and the community.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

Strategic planning skills and the ability to set demanding but achievable goals, objectives and priorities and the determination to secure their achievement.

Highly competent in strategic management with the ability to meaningfully interpret and present management information, cutting through bureaucracy to develop effective strategy.

A highly effective and persuasive communicator with the ability to relate to people at all levels, including the media.

Visible, transformational and inspirational leadership qualities, able to express and win support for a shared sense of purpose and direction of travel for Mole Valley.

Able to display commercial/business awareness and the ability to gain and sustain customer and public confidence.

Able to develop and direct work programmes transcending service areas and organisational boundaries.

Able to demonstrate a high degree of probity and work within the constraints of a publicly funded service.

Good understanding of effective governance.

An understanding of the regulatory and legislative framework within which the public sector operates.

Able to work in a pressurised political environment and manage competing priorities while delivering on a multiplicity of projects, adapting to changing circumstances and priorities, particularly where political unity cannot be relied upon.

Able to operate effectively and openly within the democratic process, with the political acumen, emotional intelligence and skills to develop productive working relationships with Elected Members that command respect, trust and confidence.

Strategic vision, tactical intelligence and pragmatism to develop partnership solutions and leverage joint solutions where there are defined benefits for Mole Valley.

Understanding of issues affecting both Mole Valley and the wider, social and economic environment and the ability to develop effective local strategies and solutions to respond to these.

Personal Attributes & Behaviours

Outgoing and approachable, with demonstrable high levels of energy stamina and resilience.

Personality, conduct and credibility that engages and commands the confidence of Councillors, senior managers, employees, local communities, external partners/agencies and other stakeholders.

Ability to model and champion senior management behaviours and values which are to show that you:

  • Lead by example, demonstrating progressive leadership and direction across the organisation
  • Care about and are ambitious for our people and our services
  • Understand our customers’ needs
  • Take responsible decisions about how we spend taxpayers’ money
  • Engage and influence on issues that benefit Mole Valley
  • Are alert, agile and flexible
  • Are resilient and drive issues forward.

Download Mole Valley District Council’s Corporate Values